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Play the real estate game. For real


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Ravi Patel

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Strategy and business experience and a proven track record as a successful operations & product executive experience in Advertising and Finance roles.

Jeff Hyman

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Experienced Valley exec (Intel, Apple, Google, Pebble) now advising emerging and established companies on a range of strategic Business, Legal and HR matters.

Matt Dorband

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Director of Sales & Marketing at AMI Asset Management Los Angeles-based public equity fundraiser with an insight into institutional investment due diligence

Julian Jung

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MD Republic Labs & Corp Dev @Republic. Partner Game Theory Group. Founder @Tablelist. Investor @Drizly Alden & Harlow @Staked @Coinmine @Blockdaemon


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Building companies to make life better & more affordable

Ben Zises

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Founding Advisor & 1st Investor @ quip 🦷 @ Caraway 🏠 | @ SuperAngel.vc 🚀

Great Horned Capital

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Early stage angel/syndicate investments

Plug and Play FinTech

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FinTech focused Accelerator Program
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