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Customizable Back Supports for Chairs & Car Seats

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GetABack uniquely addresses the pain of a huge population, reducing the need for pharmaceuticals. US Statistics:
* 3+ million ER cases/yr for back pain
* 13 million/yr see a doctor for chronic back pain
* 2.4 million/yr become disabled
* Leading disability for Americans under 45
* 25% of Americans 18-44 had back pain in last 3 months
* 32% of Americans 45-64 had back pain in last 3 months
* So highly correlated with poor posture while seated as to be causal - 64.5% of commercial drivers.
* Lower back pain is the main cause of absenteeism among public transport drivers.

Founder has previously started two successful manufacturing companies and developed 60+ products.

This position might work in a virtual capacity. Part time now, preferably full time after funding but negotiable. Equity now and compensation after funding, dependent on experience, demonstrable skills and prefunding actionable commitment.
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Inbound Marketing Principal for Startup

Seriously experienced inbound marketing professional wanted to join team for equity in startup(GetABack.com) about to raise capital, with salary starting upon funding.