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Get from Idea to Execution

Get from Idea to Execution

germ.io is a project management software. Except, instead of forcing you to think of your projects around tasks and discussion threads, germ puts the focus on your Ideas and helping you get them to Execution. germ.io lets you start with your grand ideas and work your way to the details, by mapping out your entire flow of thought organically. When you need to get another hand on board, you get to share your entire train of thought and let the world appreciate your genius. Why is this important? Because you get a million awesome ideas everyday. Right now, between the time you opened a new tab and stumbled to this page, you've had ideas on what kind of products you'd like to see, which startups to work with. But most die before they have a fair chance to change the world. With germ.io, you'd be able to log every idea you get on the fly. And when you're sitting down with a cup of coffee later, you can get working on those ideas, add more detail and take them forward.

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Product Developer, Founder @germ.io

Vikram Bhaskaran

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Founder @ germ.io • Won Google-WPP Marketing Research Awards (2010) and ISMS Practice Prize (2011); Worked at @freshdesk, @FusionCharts; Studied @Georgia State University, @Anna University