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Social Media Marketing Intern

₹15,000 - ₹15,000 • No equity
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In a line:

GeoSpark is a location tracking technology with 90% less battery drain for iOS and Android.

Context: Why we need you.

GeoSpark and the people who are a part of it are building amazing things and applications using location like Uber for Trucks, Analytics and Location Intelligence. We want amateur storytellers who are passionate about capturing moments, explaining concepts and creating excitement about the work we do here, the people who are a part of it and the ones who have benefitted from our solutions so far.

Hence the social media intern is no off the cuff job but a vital part of getting us out there, there are three main areas where the intern will work in

Telling stories

1) Generating content that raises general awareness about GeoSpark and by
extension what we do (bi-weekly blog posts and fortnightly
micro/snackable content posts for FB, Twitter and other platforms) and
creating a constant stream of followers for regular updates about relevant
developments in the developer ecosystem

2) Flagging and aggregating interesting content to re-tweet and post.
Systematise and monitor key influencers, popular bloggers and twitter

3) Coordinate a guest blogger process (one guest blogger per month)

4) Create a weekly/bi-weekly e-mailer or any other means of updating the
people who work in GeoSpark about new industry updates capturing
relevant technology, business, regulatory and in-house events,

5) Sending biweekly e-mailers to partners, clients and potential leads about
what we do and upcoming service/solution offerings

Spreading the word

1) Using tools such as Webflow, SimilarWeb, Google Analytics and Technorati
to identify and monitor key industry bloggers, trade journalists and twitter

2) Understand how the content we push out (in terms of blogs, posts and e-
mailers) perform and use the feedback to create reports that improve the
way we market, communicate and educate.

3) Generate inbound leads through refining SEO, LinkedIn targeting and E-
mailers as a concentrated area of focus.

4) Monitor what kind of content gets the most visibility and shared most often
using tools such as TwitBro and Klout.

5) Build relationships with key influencers, potential guest bloggers and other
forms of referrals to push our Content.

Leaving a mark

1) Co-ordinating and implementing SM plans on a monthly calendar and
which include sourcing ideas from the team, assisting members of the
team in blogging about their knowledge and experience, covering sharable
moments and events within the organisation.

2) Setting targets for organic SM growth and preparing templates for various
SM channels.

3) Understanding how other location companies nationally and globally are
doing in terms of their SM strategies.


1) Should have managed or run funding and business development for
collegiate fests, racing and tech engineering teams with the added
responsibility of taking care of social media as a part of business

2) Previous work in content writing that includes but not limited to covering
events, writing reviews about technology or any other tech oriented writing
on online blogs or freelance writing, healthy mix of creative writing is good
as well.

3) Familiarity with basics of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (Share work
done using these tools)

4) Should have experience in managing FB, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
Instagram and any other platforms are a bonus.

5) Well versed with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Docs.

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