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Converting kids Physical Activity into Currency

Converting kids Physical Activity into Currency

GeoPalz has invented a new type of gaming peripheral that captures kids real life activity and converts it into digital coins, game tokens, and rewards that can be used to unlock devices, content and access levels inside games... think: "Fitbit for Kids"! The most recent generation of children are consumed by digital technology, which leads to inactivity and an unhealthy lifestyle. As a result this generation of children will die 5 years earlier than their parents. Geopalz wants to get kids off the couch and help them embrace and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Rather than fight these mediums, the GeoPalz game peripheral, website, and application leverages these new technologies in order to acquire and engage our tech focused “digital native” children. GeoPalz has recently signed a relationship with Disney's Club Penguin, a “major house-hold brand” that currently has over 200M registered users worldwide, which will make GeoPalz the standard for this new digital currency.

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Rich Schmelzer

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Founder @blucar , @GeoPalz , @Jibbitz for Crocs • Investor @Precog, @Simple Energy, Fellow @Nike+ Accelerator, Founder @ipArchive,

Alexandra Zan O'Leary

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Co-Founder COO @GeoPalz • Fellow at @Techstars, @Nike+ Accelerator, VP Operations & Marketing @jibbitz, Founder of @Jibbitz (sold to @Crocs)