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Location Management Platform for the Retail Ecosystem



Founder & CEO at Geoblink. Ex-McKinsey. Chicago Booth and UPM grad


Raphael Peltier

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Master of Science in Material Science (ETH Zürich / Harvard University)

Ignacio Moreno Pubul

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Co-founder at Capchase. 🚀 Aerospace Engineer turned Product Manager. Digital product builder. Tech lover. Data enthusiast.

Carlos Flores Timmermans

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Worked at Geoblink

Geo Blink

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Location Intelligence at your fingertips. Optimize your current network and site selection strategy, optimize the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Ana Santos

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Worked at Geoblink

Maria Rodrigues

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People Ops Manager

Rafa Pulido

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SVP of Product Management. I'm a techie who spends most of his time creating products to delight users and building and growing technology-based organizations.

Mar Pillado

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Juan Nozaleda

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I have studied the degree and master in Industrial Engineering at ICAI I am working as a Product Manager at Geoblink
Built a career between London, San Francisco and New York, writing code and managing engineers. Now working at Geoblink, a startup in Madrid Spain.

Jose Beneyto

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Senior Software Engineer at Geoblink. Node, Postgres and algorithms

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Filippo Calzavara

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Marek Toman

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Quentin Gaudinat

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Miguel García-San Román Arcedillo

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