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Bio-imaging wristband for gesture recognition and medical diagnostic

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Gense are looking for research scientist and engineers with backgrounds in electronics, computer engineering, biomedical engineering, mathematics, and machine learning. Each role will be leading their own part of development in the respective fields of expertise, and is expected to drive the direction of the company's technology growth
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Senior Mobile Application Developer

The Position: We’re looking for Senior Mobile Application Developer with requirement as listed:

Job Qualifications:
• Bachelor or Master’s degree from a local university in Hong Kong
• Experience in mobile application development
• Proficient in C / C++ / Python
• Experience in web design
• Exp...

Other Engineering

Senior Electronics Electronics Design Engineer

Posted 10 months ago

Salary: HKD 37,000 - 46,000 (PhD) ; HKD 26,000 - 35,000 (BSc or MPhil – HK Degree Holders Only)

The Position: We’re looking for Electronics Design Engineer with the requirement as listed:

Job Qualifications:
• PhD, MPhil or BSc degree in Electronics Engineering, Integrated Circuit Design Comput...