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Software Engineer, Precision Medicine Platform

$70k – $120k • No equity
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Genospace is looking for a talented team player who is excited at the prospect of solving novel problems and wants to help us build and deliver our software platform. As the leading provider of information technology services in molecular medicine, our software is used today by clinicians and researchers across the country and around the globe to improve patient care.

Your work as a Software Engineer at Genospace will impact patients at the most critical junctures in their lives, researchers seeking to make advances based on a sea of high-dimensional data, physicians deploying personalized medicine in everyday practice, and laboratories conducting some of the most advanced analyses in the world.

Please apply and see full posting at: hire.withgoogle.com/public/jobs/genospacecom/view/P_AAAAAAEAAHpEGdO6BSVXHH?tr…

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