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Jobs at Genospace

At Genospace we are building a digital platform to power a new era of molecular medicine.

Working from our headquarters in Cambridge, MA, our interdisciplinary team of software engineers, scientists, and designers are merging the tools and techniques of genomics, data mining & analytics, semantic reasoning, and cloud computing. Genospace has built a comprehensive platform for genomic and other biomedical data. We serve research, clinical development, pathology and clinical care customers who work with high-dimensional genomic and other biomedical data. Many of the most advanced precision medicine organizations are powered by Genospace.

Genospace is looking for talented team players who enjoy a challenge and want to help us deliver our platform, which helps doctors make more informed decisions and expands the population-scale data resources that will drive the next generation of scientific discovery. As the leading provider of information technology services in molecular medicine, our portals are used today by clinicians and researchers across the country and around the globe to improve patient care.