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Genly, located in the heart of Silicon Beach in downtown Santa Monica, is a profession-based advertising platform and creative agency with the mission of helping companies automate lead generation. How do we plan to accomplish this mission? Genly's platform and online network targets users based on their profession. With access to more than 2 million websites worldwide and the ability to serve diverse media such as video, social, display, native and mobile ads, Genly has a wide reach with highly targeted capabilities.

Genly has a young and fast-paced culture that is looking for people who are into rapid growth, results-oriented, and working in team.
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Digital Content Marketing Coordinator


Write highly converting landing pages that appeal to our target audience of professionals, including physicians, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, lawyers and more.
Research and develop compelling positioning for each client’s product/service that is focused on benefits/p...


Digital Marketing Specialist

As a digital marketing specialist, you will create cross-channel digital campaigns and drive web traffic to client landing pages with the goal to ultimately convert clicks into sales leads.


Build, launch, and optimize cross-channel campaigns on Google AdWords, Yahoo Oath, Out...