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We are building privacy and security into the DNA of the internet so that every person has the agency to fully utilize their information (i.e. PII). To achieve this, we must challenge our expectations and go back to first principals in order to build a better world. We set high expectations and trust you to do the same. Trust We work as a team to create new and interesting things. Respect what your peers bring to the table and utilize each other. We give everyone who joins this team our full trust as a partner working towards the same ends. Communication Anyone and everyone at Genity can and should email/talk to anyone else according to what they think is the fastest way to solve a problem for the benefit of the whole company. Failing to try We are often put in situations where something looks like it won't work out. But we learn, grow, pull together, and achieve success in areas that in any other situation, and for any other team, would be a failure. This type of fail tolerance means we expect everyone on our teams to be in a constant state of thrilling innovation, experimentation, and building! You will never be penalized for trying something and it not working out. A true failure here, is a failure to try. Have Fun We want everyone to have fun at work, meet new friends, push yourself and others in new ways, and try new things. If you are not having fun on some level, then you'll be unhappy. No one wants that. We want you to work hard and love what you do. Supreme Ownership We believe in supreme ownership and Kaizen type thinking. We want each member of the team to think like an owner. Unlike other places that focus on keeping you in a box, we want to unleash your full potential. Own your projects, and help your teammates own theirs. Summary We treat everyone like you wish you could be treated. Genity is the kind of company where people look forward to coming to work in the morning. Life's too short for anything else!

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