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Make all information simple and useful for everyone

Make all information simple and useful for everyone

One platform for all data because data security and management is F*#!$% hard!

65-75% of businesses are expected to face a data breach this year

Users and businesses alike lack security and privacy on the internet (i.e. The Great Hack Documentary - On Netflix)

Ultimately, we will give businesses and users control over their information that in reality they have pretty much never experienced before.

All personal identifiable information (PII) will be secure and private on our platform. Period.

All of this is why we are building an easy to use completely new secure database platform that centralizes, secures, and keeps private your information (PII).

Additionally, making data more useful, while easier to manage.

To further this utility, we've designed a novel hybrid serverless compute engine where you get all the benefits of serverless while writing code like you're used to.

We will end data breaches, while keeping businesses and hospitals regulatory compliant (CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA), ending snooping and back doors, and slash costs for businesses so they can do well by doing good.

A new day dawns as we at Genity actively develop the technologies to make the future we all want a reality.

If you want to be part of this change and to join our mission, then consider applying or connecting with us.

We are growing and hiring fast.

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Full Stack Senior Engineer

Junior Engineer (Back-end)

Software Engineer - API

Database Architect Engineer - Database Internals, Mechanics, & Functions

Internship: Serverless

Internship: Designer UX / UI

Cryptography Engineer

Business Development Internship

Marketing Internship

Cryptography Internship

Driven to create meaningful change.

Equity benefits

Fully remote

Generous vacation

Professional development