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Revolutionizing Mental Healthcare

Revolutionizing Mental Healthcare

Foresight provides next-generation mental healthcare -- transforming the lives of our members and their loved ones.

Our underlying software application goes far beyond how software is traditionally used in healthcare (as simply a data silo). Instead, it equips our clinicians with massives databases of cutting edge research and medical knowledge at their fingertips. We leverage algorithms and data science to drive insights into our members' quantified mental states in combination with our vast databases. Innovative technology gives our clinicians superpowers.

We pride ourselves on a unique experience for our members when they come to our physical locations. Welcomed with a friendly face and their choice of beverage and snack, our members view their symptom profiles and optimal treatment options on a monitor during their appointment -- not someone scribbling on a notepad.

Data and science, not survey questions and guesswork. Mental healthcare for the 21st century.

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Chief Medical Officer & Psychiatrist

Quality Assurance Engineering Intern

Software Engineer

Co-Founder @foresight-mental-health . EECS at @UC Berkeley. Built Web Applications @Infoshape Software. Leverages Algorithms to Solve Hard Problems.
Co-Founder @Foresight. Bioengineering @University Of California, Berkeley. Experimental payload aboard @International Space Station .