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Better RNA detection & identification

Better RNA detection & identification

Genemo, Inc. is providing Lucid RNA, a revolutionary RNA detection platform based on single-molecule fluorescence in situ hybridization technology.

Compared to current RNA detection solutions on the market, Lucid RNA shows significant improvements:

* Sensitivity: with Genemo's advanced fluorescence technology, Lucid RNA pushes the RNA detection to single-molecule limit, empowering researchers to detect RNA molecules as low as picograms.

* Specificity: with the help of carefully designed primers which pair to the target, it is able to detect RNA molecules with very high specificity.

* Fast: unlike traditional approaches, Lucid RNA doesn't require purification nor enrichment of the sample. Therefore, Genemo is capable of providing results to our customers within only a couple of hours.

* With Smart Overlay, Lucid RNA successfully eliminates false negatives to an unnoticeable level. This feature is exceedingly useful for gene fusion detection.

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