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Internet technology is now influencing our behaviors, habits and even thoughts (in short: our minds) almost as much as nutrition influences our bodies. And right now, the industry is following an eerily similar path to that of the food industry — it's dominated by a few major players, it's encouraging unhealthy behaviors, and the negative effects are real and growing. The only difference is that while the food industry has experienced a counter-movement towards locally-sourced, organic, natural, grass-fed, cage-free, vegetarianism, veganism, Paleo, Keto, Whole30, etc., there has yet to be the same counter-movement in internet tech, other than abstinence. People are recognizing that these sites and apps are not encouraging positive behaviors, and yet there seems to be no real way to participate in the digital world that feels nourishing. Because the internet isn't going away anytime soon, we *have* to create a better way to interact with it. We want to be the first major company to spark this movement towards creating a future of internet tech that is healthier. We want to be the organic option for digital consumption, the Trader Joe's of tech. That's the goal.
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CTO, co-founder

Help me build this product! I have mocks designed out and a lightweight prototype, but I'd really like a true partner in this endeavor, from the ground up.