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Domesticating Viruses to Fight Cancer

Domesticating Viruses to Fight Cancer

Intellivir, is an "Intelligent" Oncolytic Virus (OV). OVs are viruses that selectively kill and activate the immune system against cancer cells. Many OVs are in clinical trials, some already approved by local agencies (1 from FDA). OV is safer than chemo, immunotherapy and even CAR-T and is an intravenously administrable targeted systemic therapy. Thus, suitable for stage 2, 3, 4 cancers, effective against a wide range of tumor types, including of different species. OVs are especially a significant last opportunity for poor prognosis cancers (lung, pancreatic etc.). Although current OVs are very safe, they still lack sufficient potency per se. Mostly because of the complex nature of cancer and immune system. GEEN uses advanced genetic circuits and realistic animal models to teach rapidly evolving virus, Intellivir, how to generate strong immunity against cancer in stealth mode when administered intravenously. These tasks are genetically defined to the virus as a molecular outcome.

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Synthetic Virologist. CEO & CTO at GEEN Biotechnology. Lead the Artificial Life Project GeenOS. Founding Engineer of Nanoyasam and former CTO of Biyomenta.


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