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Startup Factory for SaaS

Startup Factory for SaaS

Alaska is vast in both scale and diversity. It is a place of great connectedness, where people and technology shape the land, and the land shapes the people and technology. Twin brothers Lucas and Lee are on a mission to shape the Last Frontier into the Tech Frontier - for software startups. Technology has advanced to easily enable working remotely, while still being connected. Outside of aggregating in big cities, a higher quality of life can be achieved. Join us working remote and connected to build software startups from Alaska.

With their Geeks Venture Studio, the brothers partner with entrepreneurs as their co-founders, building and investing in their SaaS startups. Geeks Venture Studio provides talent, financial resources and agile software tech to entrepreneurs to help them build ideas into scalable companies.
Creator. Entrepreneur. Investor. Identical Twin. Founder @TUNE, @Keeni

Lee Brown

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Partner with entrepreneurs as their co-founders to build and invest in their global SaaS businesses from Alaska.

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