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[Hanoi, Vietnam] Game Product Lead

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As the Game Product Lead, you will drive the roadmap and product vision of the game in collaboration with the rest of the game’s leadership team. You will work closely with the design and creative team to ensure that the product vision is followed and executed to specification. In this key leadership role, you will work closely with other product leaders, our Executive Producer and our Technical Director.

As a Game Product Lead you will be required to:
- Engage with the Product Leadership Team(s) comprising of Producer, Designer, Game Product Manager and the External Partner Leadership Team to arrive at the right Product Strategy that delivers on the Creative Vision and Business Goals of the franchise.
- Be the day-to-day vision holder of the product at Gear, and drive efforts across design, engineering, production, and the rest of the team to achieve that vision.
- Drive business forecasting considering Product and Industry Trends, Tech and Design realities and other Strategic Insights
- Strategize Player Lifecycle Management - Messaging, Segmentation, Personalization, Game Events, etc.
- Regularly identify, present and report to leadership and stakeholders on Product Health, Opportunities and Risks
- Provide Functional Leadership – Goal Setting, Performance Feedback, Scaling Competencies and Career growth.


- Attractive salary and benefits, international, fun and professional working environment
- An open and honest culture where people are valued, treated fairly and trusted and empowered
- Flexible working hours, we work 40 hours per week (Monday-Friday)
- 13th salary and additional bonus every year
- Lunch allowance and free drinks (coffee, tea, etc)
- Health Insurance package
- Government social, health and unemployment insurance for Vietnamese staff
- Annual health check, annual flu vaccination
- Paid leave (12 days/year)
- Pet-friendly working space (we have 4 cats and dogs)
- A standing desk if you like; No dress code; Company trip
- Gym and Game room for everyone: We love board games, video games, PS4, ping pong, football tables, and many more!
- In-house classes: Kickboxing, Yoga, Zumba, BJJ
- For non-Vietnamese staff, support for making Vietnamese work permits, resident cards and others
- Salary range: Depending on level and experience


- 5+ years of leadership experience in Game development
- Strong passion for Mobile gaming and understanding of Mobile + Freemium/Free-to-Play Business model.
- Fluency with metrics-driven decision making combined with a sense of Design and Aesthetics
- Earning the respect of the Cross-Functional Team through authentic insights on Game Design, Business Fundamentals and Analytical Methodologies
- A ‘Creative Product Development’ mindset – Iterative nature of work, Comfort with complexity and change, Multi-Disciplinary approach to problem-solving
- Fluent in English


- Have experience with development and live operations of top-grossing mobile games
- Experience developing feature roadmaps and/or content calendars.
- Experience with backlog management, priority setting, and user modeling.
- Experience A/B testing design assumptions to maximize KPIs of a feature.
- Experience working with remote teams and partners

Required Application Materials: Resume

If you’re interested in this position, please feel free to send us your resume at jobs@gearinc.com