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GatewayVR is a data-focused virtual reality (VR) start-up creating enterprise solutions for the phygital world, and we look to spearhead the digital transformation of the physical world through the innovative use of immersive technologies like VR/AR. We have two core products - both of which are targeted towards Real Estate and Retail. Through the development of both these products, we have made an effort to reduce the barrier to entry for large brands to use VR/AR as a business tool. In our pipeline, we are also considering a foray into the Buyer Behaviour space that will allow us to work with research firms to better their focus group and market via Eye Tracking, Brain Wave Mapping, Heart Rate Monitoring, etc. Through this, we aim to help provide tangible, unambiguous data solutions to clients. This would also integrate seamlessly into both our offerings and help us provide valuable insights into Real Estate and the Retail industry - both in brick and mortar retail and VR.

Developer, VR technologies

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Founder @ Idealabs Interactive (third-party development), Everything is Zero One (hardware tech), GatewayVR (Virtual Reality)