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Trading of recyclable commodities internationally

Commodity Trader

$25k – $100k
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Dear Candidates,

Gateway Resources is seeking an individual to assume the role of 'Commodity Trader'. The role is one with great potential and room for growth as it is a incentive/commission based position. Gateway Resources deals with the trade of recyclable commodities such as waste paper, scrap rubber and other products in the recycling and waste management industry.

The role of commodity trader is dynamic and challenging. Candidates will be given comprehensive training in the documentation, logistics and financing roles that pertain to international commodity trading. They will then shadow senior traders and directors in the firm. After a 1-2 month training period, they will be asked to start approaching clients in the Waste management industry to either procure or sell recyclable commodities.

The functions on a daily basis of a commodity trader are as follows,

* Liaising with corporates that are in the waste management and recycling space
* Developing relations with key members and senior executives in said companies
* Sending out purchase/sale enquiries to secure tonnage
* Travelling globally or to the specific chosen markets to source or sell products
* Studying the market trends for the respective product and geographical area
* Booking foreign exchange currency in the case of international sales/purchases
* Coordinating shipping and haulage for the execution of trades
* Keeping updated with global trade laws as well as market specific laws pertaining to recycling and trade of waste

This role offers great flexibility and freedom of time. It offers the opportunity to travel to many destinations and maintain a great work-life balance. All interested candidates please submit their CV's.