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We run communities -- for profit, mission-driven

We run communities -- for profit, mission-driven

We build communities for people leading meaningful change at really big companies. We surround them with friends and support so they can achieve their mission -- and this helps them improve the lives of their millions of customers and employees.

We run very successful communities for social media, healthcare, and recruitment, and we're launching new communities for equality, innovation, and corporate social responsibility. Take a look at SocialMedia.org, Board.org, and gaspedal.com to see what we do.

Working here combines intensity, impact, and lifestyle. Days fly by with intense creation and collaboration where you do amazing work. You see the immediate impact you have on our members and the millions they serve. Then you leave it at the office, knowing you had a great day, and go enjoy your personal life.

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Andy Sernovitz

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CEO: GasPedal & SocialMedia.org. We build peer-to-peer communities for change agents at the world’s biggest brands. Wrote "Word of Mouth Marketing".