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Software Development Engineer in Test

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Describe the ideal candidate here.

All of the GaragePlug product modules have critical workflows, and the new developers need to be more confident and fearless about making changes in the system. This will help to deliver products faster to the customers while building more robust products.

We have developed an in-house framework for manually testing the features/product before the launch. This has helped us to catch more than 1000 bugs before releasing the feature in production.

Think of this as the backbone that will help engineers from the product team to automate critical workflows and coordinate bug bashes for all the product teams. Your understanding of functional testing, writing maintainable tests, written and verbal communication skills will be put to the test.


### **Within 1st month**

- Learn all aspects of products and critical workflows for each of the products as part of your training.
- Setup the dev environment and organise your first bug bash.
- Have a one-one chat with every member of the GaragePlug team so you get to know everyone well.
- 1-hour session every week with one of the product & quality experts from other Upekkha startups
- Weekly 2 times join sales and customer success team for pre-sales customer demos to understand the product usage
- Weekly 1 session with customer success team to know more about the domain and product usage
- Start writing the functional test case masters for core modules

### **Within 3 months**

- You’ll start developing your first project all by yourself.(With some guidance)
- Write your first set of automation code and work with other engineers to setup functional testing workflows.
- Have an exhaustive test-case/scenarios for all product components
- Be responsible for the product release and release process automation

### **Within 6 months**

- You’ll automate five to six critical workflows for the existing product.
- Establish process for writing functional test that will impact the entire product.
- Be comfortable navigating most of our stack and infrastructure.
- Be responsible for the planning, scoping, design, and implementation of new bug-bashes.

### **Within 12 months**

- You’ll automate at least 60-70%of the workflows in product and completely own QA as a function.
- Participate in interviewing and hiring, as a way to influence team growth and how our values inform our culture.
- Collaborate with engineering, product, sales and customer success leadership to define priorities and set delivery goals.


- We use Spring-boot microservices for backend and Angular 2+/Ionic 3+ for frontend. We prefer someone with experience in selenium, but it is not necessary. You must have experience of working with testing frameworks like selenium, tools, or SaaS products for functional testing like [cypress.io](cypress.io).
- Dedicated to testing. While testing can sometimes get repetitive and monotonous, it is critical to our engineering efforts.
- 2-4 years of experience with automated functional testing.
- Pays great attention to detail and helps identify edge cases.
- A knack for breaking things. You should be driven to test with the motive of breaking the application.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

**Personality traits we really admire**

- Great attitude to ask questions, learn and suggest process improvements.
- Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
- Previous work experience at a product-based company or startup would be a bonus.
- You are a team player

**Our tech stack is Java Spring-boot, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Angular 2+, Ionic 3+, Typescript. Our platform is hosted on AWS Cloud.**


- **Problem Solving & Analytical Skills:** We are a Java & Angular shop, and if you say that you will improve the quality of the product, we expect you to know basics of typescript and/or Java (but not mandatory)
- **Blackbox Testing:** Be prepared to answer some simulation-based questions during our interviews. From writing the requirements for a test case to planning & executing test plans on the GaragePlug platform, watch out for some hard-hitting questions.
- **Culture Round:** Understand if your values and beliefs fit in with your company’s culture. Be yourself. This is for both sides to evaluate if we're a cultural fit for each other.
- **Founder Round:** Discussion with both the founders of the company. This round helps us evaluate how we both can mutually benefit each other.


- **Freedom & Responsibility:** If you are a person who wants to take up challenging work & push your boundaries with no one monitoring you, then this is the right place for you. There are no hierarchies. No managers to please.
- **Great Salary & Equity:** For our top performers and leaders, we grant stock options. As GaragePlug continues to grow, you’ll have a real opportunity to create wealth for yourself and your family. We pay great salaries too!
- **Transparency:** If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be on an entrepreneurial journey, then working with GaragePlug gives you that opportunity to experience it all first hand.

If all of this sounds exciting to you, join us for an exciting and equally fulfilling ride at GaragePlug!

# How to Apply.

Does this position sound like a good fit? Email us at **[rohit@garageplug.com](mailto:rohit@garageplug.com)**

- Include this role's title in your subject line (it'll help us to sort through the emails).

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