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We invent the future.

We invent the future.

Axe Digital Guitar is not a video game, nor is it a video game controller.
It is a unique musical instrument that lets you play the guitar to any song in the world.

And it does it with just 14 buttons and an electronic/ strum field
It also accomplishes this with a magical property.
This magical data contains our patent pending "axe packets" these packets
make you sound exactly like the band/artist's guitar's of the axe song packet that you install into the axe digital guitar! And here is why this is truly magic *

It does this without ever actually recording the song (like a canned guitar track would be)
and : it also lets YOU AS you play, provide the timing, so you are not forced to keep up with the tempo like in a music video game demands you to do.
With Axe Digital you control the timing, just like you would when playing and/or practicing on a real guitar!

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