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Educational and engaging AR gaming experiences, now introducing: Farm Fare

Educational and engaging AR gaming experiences, now introducing: Farm Fare

Easily scan and map your surroundings to create natural interactions with 3D augmented reality for discovery and engagement. Gamar created a platform with a scalable 3D recognition technology for anyone to map the real world in its natural environment and create engaging experiences with a simple drag and drop content management system.

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Farm Fare

Gamar's latest creation, Farm Fare aims to educate players about the importance of conservation farming by presenting them with content through a familiar and fun medium. The backstory, that focuses on a budding farmer taking on the farm from an older family member, demonstrates that this is an age-old tradition that is now coming into the future.

Protecting native, rare breeds of farm animals is an important part of sustainable farming and a way toward protecting our planet. Through the introduction of adorable characters we want players to not only learn about rare breeds but gain an affiliation with these animals that encourages them to want to protect them.

Farm Fare has drawn on the success of other popular location-based collection games but offers a completely unique gaming experience. Not only can players collect the different animals but they then must care for the animals on their home farm. Combining both collection and digital pet experiences.
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