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Gallycat is a food driven community that helps and encourages travelers to seek the most authentic and local food in the nooks and crannies of cities all around Asia. We aim to create a curated and trustworthy space for foodies alike to find the best street foods and easily plan and share them with family and friends. Travelers are currently using multiple platforms and apps to research and plan where to eat when abroad, and spending even more time weeding out large amounts of inauthentic content. Gallycat aims to solve this issue and ensure global travelers the absolute best food experiences led by family and friends, trusted sources, and like minded individuals.
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Social Media Marketing & Sales Dev. Rep

Daily research and curation on food/travel bloggers & publications
Build up our database of blog partners (leads) and future co-ops
Responsible for email campaigns
Convert leads (sales outreach)
Development of our Social Media pages and following (Facebook, Insta, etc.)