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Galley is an early-stage startup focused on making it convenient to eat well on your schedule. Since our launch in January of 2015, we've seen rapid month-over-month growth and are not planning on slowing down any time soon. At Galley, we care deeply about the quality of everything we do - from the user experience in our iPhone app to the quality of the ingredients in our food.

Ordering using the Galley app is simple, but we work very hard on thinking through complex operational and technology problems to make that possible. Preparing, selling and delivering high-quality meals is an extremely operationally intensive business that requires expertise in many different areas. We have technology, marketing and operation teams that work very closely together to successfully deliver on our customer promises each day.

We are constantly finding ways to improve and are very excited about what lies ahead!
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Marketing: Brand Ambassador


Marketing: Brand Ambassador


Server (Delivery Driver)