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Delivering the future of e-commerce inside one content network

Delivering the future of e-commerce inside one content network

Galaxis protects content and copyrights, so when content is shared all traffic is redirected to its original source. This new way to share content provides more value to companies, who then make bidding offers for advertising directly with the creators.They in turn generate 1-click sales with live ROI tracking. This new platform dynamic offers new sales conversions never seen before.

The Company’s proprietary technology Galaxis METAMARK™ will allow users to create content that can generate more income by allowing this to be shared by anyone around the world while taking a share of whatever revenue they generate.
As opposed to current technologies, where human moderator interaction and scanning processes are required, this technology is real-time. Instant.
There’s no room for doubts, questions, legal trickery or bogus law suits of who owns what according to the law of each different countries judge.

Sanjar Giyaziddinov

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Carnegie Mellon MSIT. Currently work with multiple early-mid stage startups and on my own project. Successfully built a solid team of developers from scratch.

Phil Nahajewski

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Accomplished financial executive with experience serving large technology and media companies, non-profits, and internet startups.
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