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Swap pre-loved fashion!

Swap pre-loved fashion!

Gail & Judy is a mobile first application which acts as a dating app for your clothes! For example: If “Gail” likes “Judy's” Zara dress, then Judy is notified and can visit Gail's closet and like her skirt from JCrew. They can also swipe through a list of potential closet matches. A reciprocal like creates a match. If both members agree on the match, there is a swap. In parallel, our members can sell and buy pre-owned clothing. Each member has their own specific, customized feed of items based on their size, favorite brands, style, recent searches, and social connections. In the case of a swap, we implemented a system to ease our customers' minds. The average price between the items is calculated, and each user pays this swap insurance, and will get reimbursed when their item is shipped and received. Gail & Judy is secure, flexible, totally automated, socially driven, and customized to our members’ tastes.

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