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Front End Developer

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Title: UI Developer

The Opportunity: Come Build the Next-Gen Video Convergence Platform
About Gaian Solutions:
Gaian Solutions, founded in 2006 by principals from DirecTV, Microsoft, HP specializes in offering solutions in the content distribution value chain. DVBC-C/S/T middleware, Programmatic AdTech, over the years, GAIAN has brought several innovative products and solutions to the market. Noteworthy projects and solutions are mentioned below:

• First to deploy an IPTV/OTT solution on cruise lines
• First to offer geo-targeted advertising on DVB-S2 in India
• India’s Emergency Alert Platform for Ocean Weather with Autonomous TV Alerting services

• First to offer AI based placement opportunity detection in OTT live sports

• First to offer a full-service platform solution to ATSC 3.0

• Winners of the IBC 2019 Award for the Tsunami Alerting platform
The GAIAN business model has evolved along the course of its corporate journey. In the early days of inception, GAIAN offered outsourced product development and consulting services to US based organizations. Of noteworthy mention here are Cox Cable, Alcatel Lucent, Hot Wire Communications, Worldplay, and Ericsson. Over the course of the last 5 years GAIAN has built up its own product stack.

Gaian Platform for the NextGenTV in the US is deployed at multiple broadcast stations and provides analytics and AI, ML based NextGen experiences to consumers across Education, Community services, Fund Raising, News, Smart City services and Dynamic Ad insertion to name a few.

Gaian is all about our people, our values and our way of doing things—intangibles that can't be measured or modelled in business terms but that truly make the difference. With close to 250 experienced software architects, consultants, project managers, software, broadcast and media engineers located worldwide our purpose is honoured each time we exceed our client’s expectations, each time an employee reaches his/her goals, and each time we contribute to the society positively and make it a better place
About Gaian Consultants:

At Gaian Consultants, we deal with offshore product development, outsourcing and consulting services, offering world class expertise in various verticals such as Product Engineering, Cloud computing, Big Data Analytics, Product development consulting services, Application Development, Application Test Services, Enterprise Application Integration, Remote Infrastructure hosting services, Mobile Apps, Media Platforms & Embedded Systems.

GAIAN Consultants is formed with a passion for excellence, uncompromising integrity and consistent high quality results.
About the position:
Imagine the problem: “Need to deliver Rich UI apps for Video Consumption to 100’s of Millions of USA households across 1000’s of millions of devices across various form factors (tablet, phone, TV etc.) and across various OS’s (Android, iOS, Linux). Now imagine a Netflix like user interface, seamlessly merged into the interface on your home TV Set Top box supporting both online watching and broadcast TV watching and associated consumption patterns. The scale of the API’s on front end layer, the diversity required to support the plethora of devices, the ingenuity needed to speed deliver sophisticated content experiences, the design fundamentals required to always innovate and rapidly develop and deploy Content Apps is a wonderfully exciting and challenging problem and we are solving it for the world’s largest content market right out of Hyderabad, India.

Must have:
• Working experience in design/implementation with Angular/React/Vue JS, ES6, MVC architecture.
• Understanding of third-party library integration of packages
• Solid understanding of application development using Javascript, CSS3, HTML5. Experience in TypeScript is Mandatory.
• Development experience in designing, developing, deploying, teasting of enterprise-grade applications.
• Proficiency and experience with Chrome developer tools, source control tools(Github), defect tracking tools.
• Be an agile practitioner.

Good to have:
• Knowledge of charting libraries like D3/C3/google charts/etc.
• Knowledge of 3D visualization libraries like Three.js or of WebGL
• Knowledge of hybrid app development using any framework.
• Knowledge of deployment process and maintenance issues using any deployment tools.

GAIAN in the news:

  1. https://www.gaiansolutions.com/news-room.aspx

  2. https://www.tvtechnology.com/equipment/apollo-publictv-releasing-nextgen-tvreceivers?utm_source=Selligent&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=12166&utm_content=TVT+1%2F 9%2F20+&utmterm=4191834&mi=Y78%2BJkhL9cguneL3MPkH9K6jlu5T3%2BR030cGtybgoWlpDb68x moy06PdX52SeyRpht9c9yA6cNIH0orQM8o%2BFjSKTI0YYY2&MBT=8786383792327

  3. https://www.tvtechnology.com/news/comark-inks-deal-with-gaian-solutions-to-offer-3-0-revenuegenerator-tests-suite

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Wider reach, a deeper experience, and a higher monetization potential for your content

Gaian Solutions focuses on Information Technology and Technology. Their company has offices in Hyderabad. They have a large team that's between 201-500 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.gaiansolutions.com or find them on LinkedIn.

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