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We help consumer brands build interactive audio experiences that engage their customers.

Software Engineer

$100k – $140k • 0.1% – 0.5%
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*Job Description*

gablex is hiring a human (although we might consider a genius in the k-9 family) with a strong background in software engineering. As one of our first hires, you’ll work directly with the founders and have an outsized impact on the direction and growth of the company. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will include:

- Building end-to-end conversational AI systems using cutting edge technology
- Collecting & maintaining training data
- Training/Serving/Maintaining NLU models
- Building and maintaining customer-facing front end interfaces
- Developing novel methods to edit & transform audio in real-time
- Interfacing with customers
- Mentoring future hires

Phew, we know that's a lot, but we're confident we can handle it together as a team! As we always say to people, we quit our cushy jobs for this shit so we're gonna make it happen!

*Requirements (the Cake)*

- 2-5 years of experience writing production code (meaning you've made mistakes and learned from them)
- Strong grasp of programming concepts + ability (and desire) to work in multiple languages
- Back-end experience is a must and, sorry, rails alone won't cut it
- You know, the usual: driven, obsessed with improving your skills, willing to take responsibility and own your work (the good, the bad and everything in between)

*Icing on the Cake*

- ML engineering
- Serverless
- Cloud
- Functional programming
- Facility with DAWs
- Telephony stack

*About gablex*

We are a funded startup (Techstars S19) focused on developing interactive audio experiences for consumer facing brands. Combining voice assistant technology and branded audio media, we develop customized, consumer-centric audio experiences that help brands engage their customers. We strive to be a product-first company squarely at the intersection of machine learning / NLP and audio. We enjoy pushing the boundaries of technology to develop creative, surprising, and delightful audio experiences.

*Our Core Values*

- Humbly excellent
- Fun & playful
- Creative
- Inclusive
- Results-oriented

*Background on the Founders*

Alex Sambvani and Gabe Duncan are the CEO and CTO of gablex, respectively. We were Senior Data Scientists at Spotify before launching the company. Alex holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard. Gabe started in neuroscience research and has over 10 years of software engineering experience/AI/ML/FBI/CIA/USA/ETC and holds a BS in applied math from Columbia. We're both also musicians and love destroying karaoke nights for anyone within earshot.