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Backend Software Engineer

$130k – $155k • 0.5% – 1.0%
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We're Fuzzbuzz and we're building a fuzzing as a service platform that integrates into CI systems and the modern software testing workflow. Fuzzing is a type of automated testing that runs thousands of inputs per second on your code to try and find bugs and vulnerabilities. It uses code coverage and other signals from your code to guide the types of inputs it runs. You can read more here.

We recently graduated from Y Combinator's W19 batch & raised a $2.7M seed round from some of the best tech investors, namely Fuel Capital, Solomon Hykes (Docker founder), Flo Leibert (Mesosphere founder), Spencer Kimball (Cockroach Labs founder), Michael Stoppelman (Yelp CTO).

About the Team
We're currently a team of 4 people and prefer staying small - allowing us to iterate faster and get very comfortable working with each other (the 3 founders have been roommates since first year university). That means you'll be 20% of the team - all of the work you do will be extremely critical and immediately impact users.

Since we are really small, we prefer having everyone working at the same location. We’re at 541 Jefferson Ave in Redwood City, CA - 10 mins from the Caltrain.

Why Fuzzbuzz?
1. Define the DevOps and security standards of tomorrow
Fuzzing is seeing more widespread usage than ever before, but there is still work to be done before it sees mass adoption. We're uniquely positioned to bring fuzzing to the developer community and make software testing more effective than ever before.

2. Product-first culture with an emphasis on engineering
Working on a technical product means working with very technical people. We embrace technical challenges and take them head-on. We use tools/frameworks because they get the job done, not because they're the current flavor of the month.

3. Early stage, funded startup
By joining Fuzzbuzz at this critical early stage, as one of our first team members, you'll be shaping not only our product, but our company & engineering culture as well. We're well funded, and pay in the top 5% of companies in SF at our stage.

What You'll Be Doing
- Design, architect and build the Fuzzbuzz platform (API, VM orchestrator & frontend/UI)
- Work with fuzzing team to integrate fuzzing tooling into the platform
- Work with founders to define product roadmap
- Define internal engineering standards, tooling and processes

What We're Looking For
- 3+ years experience as a software engineer
- Experience writing APIs in Go
- Experience with or willingness to learn Kubernetes
- Experience working with AWS, GCP or DO
- Strong fundamentals in distributed systems design and development
- Ability to navigate & take ownership of complex problems from design through to final implementation

How to Apply
If you’re interested in building APIs and defining engineering culture/practices at a fast-paced startup, please send your resume to jobs@fuzzbuzz.io - we read every application.

Twitter: twitter.com/fuzzbuzz
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/fuzzbuzz
Slack: slack.fuzzbuzz.io (pop in and ask us anything!)

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@Fuzzbuzz (YCW19) Previously security tooling @Google and @Coinbase