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Futuristic Labs is exactly what it sounds like - a place to 'dream' & 'build' futuristic products. We are an enthusiastic team working towards building innovative consumer products to make sure we have a healthier and superior lifestyle in the future.

We are looking for a talented designer with the mindset of an engineer and a hacker who has experience with both aspects of modern interface design: UI & UX: to design and shape unique, user-centric experiences.

All our products have an on-device screen, a companion mobile app and a web app. We are looking are for someone who can create seamless intuitive visual experience across all the endpoints where user’s interact.

Qualities we are looking for:
* Fine-tuned attention to detail and pixel-perfect execution.
* Strong visualization skills aka you should be able to get what the team is trying to say. 
* To be able to keep up with the stress and demanding nature of a startup(we are talking about weekly prototyping cycles). 
* High context switching ability, you will be working on multiple projects as time goes on.
* We are just starting, everyone wears several hats. You should be comfortable working outside the boundaries of traditional engineering disciplines.
* The most important quality we seek is a strong inclination for ‘User Centric Design’.

Skills we are looking for:

- Experience with User Interface design softwares like Sketch or Illustrator. It’s not about which tool you use but how well you can use it.
- Experience in UX research: creating wireframes, storyboards, user-flows, etc.
- Experience with Interaction & Animation tools/libraries.
- Experience with frontend frameworks like React.
- Basic knowledge of the HTML, CSS & Javascript as we use ReactJs/ReactNative for all our development.
- Experience with handing off assets to developers in different formats suitable to device/mobile or web development.
- Previous experience in designing experiences for consumer devices.

We prefer portfolio's over degrees. So please include a link to your portfolio in the notes section.( Behance, Yanko design, personal page etc... somewhere we can take a look).

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