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Interaction Designer

$80k – $115k • No equity
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As an Interaction Designer, you will conquer complex design challenges and develop engaging experiences for multi-generational users impacted by the student debt crisis.

As part of a Series A start-up, you will be challenged to wear multiple hats in a fast-paced, dynamic role that includes critical responsibilities in UI design, UX and interaction design, graphic design and accessibility. We are looking for someone to join our war against student debt and equip our team with solutions that create valuable experiences with our customers, users, and key stakeholders.

As a creative leader, you are thrilled to chase the answers to the most challenging questions in design and you are constantly seeking ways that would make a human experience feel more intuitive, inclusive, accessible, fun, and delightful. You see the job title as just a starting point and you naturally feel empowered to solve problems without being asked, but you also value being a team member that seeks collaboration over siloed decision-making. You are not afraid to lead and are excited by the opportunity to contribute new ideas and spearhead new strategies to help us build and grow our global team and company. You will report to the VP of Product and work with a growing team of full-time and contracted resources across design, UX, engineering, operations, and sales.

Does this sound like you?
You have fierce attention to detail. You embrace ambiguity, thrive in the agile environment of a start-up, and are excited about building systems and processes from the ground up.

You can dive deep into the micro of how products, websites, processes, and assets get designed and built, while also maintaining the ability to zoom out into the macro and provide the vision for how our product design can iterate into an influential powerhouse for innovation, social impact, and market-leading UX.

You are seeking to help build digital experiences that won't settle for any standard less than inspiring love and admiration by people, for people. You are naturally curious, eager to explore uncharted territory, and diligent in balancing competing opportunities and constraints.
You seek growth through constant feedback loops and constructive critique. You naturally challenge yourself and others to achieve increasingly complex challenges and key results over time.

As a member of the FutureFuel family, we are looking for someone who is proud to be a part of a mission-driven organization that exists to CRUSH student debt.

Key Responsibilities:
-Translate product requirements, user needs, and technical requirements into wireframes and low-fi designs that create user experiences that are enticing, easy to understand, and emotionally engaging.

-Collect feedback and best-case examples from the team and collaborate cross-functionally to guide the team in the direction, style, brand and methodology.

-Generate clear ideas, concepts, creative insights and provide project oversight on visual assets from beginning to end.

-Create storyboards, mockups, and flow charts to help translate into a product design strategy that iterates from low-fi mockups to high-fi, pixel-perfect prototypes.

-Review, refine, and approve design assets through a system of design quality assurance and validation.

-Work collaboratively with other designers and cross-functionally to ensure a consistent, integrated brand perception and user-experience.

-Be a design evangelist; you naturally stay tuned into the latest design standards, guidelines, and discussions in the visual design field and seek to bring ideas from the outside in to fortify our team.

-Work closely with the product team to ensure that UX specifications are documented prior to handoff with Sales and Engineering.
-Evangelize human-focused design throughout the product utilizing design thinking methodologies that support an iterative product development process.
-Contribute to FutureFuel.io’s knowledge base.

Culture Statement:
We seek alignment to our core values as distinguished in our Culture Statement:
We are a tribe of dreamers, visionaries, and pioneers that exist to execute in service of our customers, liberating users from the shackles of indebtedness.
We empower our tribe to tirelessly innovate, challenge each other and ourselves, contribute, succeed and fail.
We are artisans who view our craft as a joyful opportunity to use our gifts for the good of our people.
We see change as a constant and we embrace this as an opportunity.
We are passionate servants who will never compromise on our integrity, and will always do what is best for those who depend on us.
We have an uncomfortable urgency to get s**t done, but a stubborn patience to experiment so that we can design an experience that truly resonates with our people.
We won't always get it right the first time, and when this happens, we will own up to it and see this as an incredible opportunity to fortify as a team and try yet again.
We are FutureFuelers.