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Crush your debt . Fuel your future!

Crush your debt . Fuel your future!

FutureFuel.io exists to crush the $1.6 trillion in student debt that over 44 million Americans struggle with. On average, we shave $15k and half of a decade off of a user's student loans, through a personalized Student Debt FinHealth platform that optimizes repayment plans, automates the management of unruly student loans, and gamifies rewards points and spare change across the household.

Employees rank student debt assistance among their top 3 most important benefits, second only to salary. Employers who offer benefits designed to address student debt win love and loyalty in return. 86% of employees share that they would be willing to work for their employer for five years if receiving student debt relief.

We are backed by iconic investors that live at the intersection of FinTech, Social Impact, and the Future of Work: Salesforce Ventures, Fiserv, Rethink Impact, Vulcan Capital, Reach Capital, Financial Health Network (JPMC), the Impact Engine, and Reach Capital.

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