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Take photos your SLR can't take

Take photos your SLR can't take

Have you taken a photo with the flash, and found that it was too bright, and the photo didn’t turn out well? Did you wish you can adjust the flash brightness to avoid bad photos?

Good news!

Now you can make the LED dimmer or brighter to take a good photo in any light. Light up people’s faces, while still making them look natural. Blend the LED with the natural light to take a well-lit photo, like a Hollywood director. Unlike most flash photos, which make the background disappear, you can now balance the subject and the background. The whole adds up to more than the sum of the parts.

By contrast, most other camera apps restrict you to using either the full power of the flash or no flash, neither of which often look right. Instead, Noctacam gives you a wide range of options, from off, to a continuous light with varying brightness, to a much brighter flash.

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Sathish Kumar

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A Software Engineer who code in Swift, Python, and Javascript. Equally interested in photography and gaming alongside software development.

Akshit Talwar

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iOS Engineer | Built @Cryptare (reached Rank 6 on the iOS App Store). ex-CTO @TutuOwl CS @University of St Andrews '17 (scholarship and direct 2nd-year entry)