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Bo Lu

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Cofounder & CEO of FutureAdvisor (acquired by BlackRock), where I ran the 100+ person team. Visiting Partner at Y Combinator.


Myra Chan

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Bill Wetherell

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20+ yrs crafting delightful experiences & leading design teams @FutureAdvisor @AOL @Hightail @TechTV @Walt Disney Internet Group. Studied film @SFSU

Audrey Shepherd

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People Ops Manager interested in policy creation that supports a workplace culture of collaboration, learning, goal setting, and comradery.

William Gregorian

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Versatile Leader with Comprehensive Management & Technical Experience

Peter ONeil

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Hands-on recruiting leader driving company growth for one of the top companies in the FinTech space.

Maria Caraballo

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Highly motivated and proven to excel in fast paced environments; Fluent in Spanish with dual citizenship (Venezuela and U.S.A)

Bill Mei

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Management Consultant
Product at @FutureAdvisor • Worked at @Microsoft • Studied at @Wharton School

Joe Cianciolo

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First business hire at FutureAdvisor (acquired by BlackRock in 2015), continuing to lead the company's strategic and business development efforts

Giff Huang

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Joe Fahr

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Jesse Keyser

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Chris Bruce

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Megan Graf

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Board members and advisors

Warren Hogarth

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Empowering consumers to retake control of their financial lives. www.empower.me

Rebecca Lynn

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Co-Founder of @Canvas Ventures Ventures. Worked at @Morgenthaler Ventures. Interested in Fintech, Enterprise Tech, Marketplaces, and DeepTech.
Co-founder and CEO of @Yelp
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Former team

Teagan Widmer

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Casson Stallings

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Rafik Robeal

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Matte Scheinker

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Florens Acevedo Molina

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Davis Clark

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