Hey! I'm Jon Selig. I obtained 2 business degrees and sold technology for 12 years - pretty odd considering that since 2011 I've been a stand-up comic! Please read my bio & comedy resume at the bottom of this email. Sales prepped me for stand-up, and stand-up's made me a better salesperson. So, I'm offering a training session & workshop called "Funny: You Should Say That!". Audience attention spans are shorter than ever. I demonstrate how & why humor helps public speakers & salespeople to better connect, engage, and influence. I weave my stand-up with practical insight to demonstrate how/why/when/where to use humour effectively when presenting or selling, and the impact it can have. We can all stand to get a bit funnier (myself included, according to the audience at last night's open mic). My objective is to help your team understand what makes people laugh, and how to apply those learnings to presentations, speeches, and sales cycles.

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Jon Selig

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Half salesguy. Half stand-up comic. All parental disappointment. I show your team why & how to break down their audiences with humor.