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AI Driven Account Based Sales

AI Driven Account Based Sales

It’s no secret that B2B enterprise sales is extremely difficult and even small percentage upticks can translate to substantial revenue increases and great organizational improvements. Our vision is to simplify B2B Sales. FunnelBeam is the first company to create fully custom A.I. models for our customers that integrate with their systems of record to provide reps all the info they crave and need to operate at peak performance. FunnelBeam constantly analyzes the tantalizing volume of data in customer's systems and out on the public web, across 10.2 million companies, to provide a comprehensive account view, intelligently recommend which companies to target, what strategic data points to leverage on outreach, how to engage, and who the best people to reach out to are. Key customers include: Google, Microsoft, UserTesting, Verisign, Mulesoft, Rentlytics, Contentful and InVisionApp. funnelbeam.com

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Jerry Vachaparambil

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Startup enthusiast with experience ranging from ideation till acquisitions Founder @tefoLOGIC@Clutch.AI Worked @Groupon, @Recruiterbox, @Frrole 🇺🇸🇮🇳

Ted Benakis

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Head of Sales at FunnelBeam - Making B2B sales easier!

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