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Website: FundRocket.com What we do: Provide simple, fair, invite-only capital for small businesses Our mission: We empower small businesses by giving them access to the capital they need to thrive. The Opportunity: 60% of US small business are unable to get all the capital they need. The average small business is seeking $20-$40K in funding, but most big banks can’t profitability service loans below $100K and end up approving only 25% of small business applications. The FundRocket Difference: There are many online lenders, but most aren’t tech companies, they’re traditional lenders with a website. We’re not a traditional lender, we collect massive amounts of business and market data to build the best in class underwriting, marketing and servicing models, enabling us to automate processes and profitability serve the underserved. The Virtuous Circle: The FundRocket way flips the capital search process on its head by bringing capital offers direct to the business with no credit checks, 2 minute applications, and far higher approval rates. We passively underwrite merchants based on business performance and invite the ones we think are eligible. This model reduces our default risk since we hand-pick our potential customers and lowers our cost of acquisition as we don't pay for traffic. This allows us to offer extremely reasonable APRs, creating a better experience for the small business and increasing the likelihood they renew their financing.
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Growth Marketer

Posted 11 months ago

FundRocket is committed to supporting Main Street America with access to the capital it needs to thrive. We provide fast, low-cost, no credit check funds to small businesses around the country with repayments that scale to each business’s revenue.