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Fund3 is a quantitative hedge fund applying predictive algorithms in digital asset markets




Anthony Wittemann

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Founder of Fund3 Obsessed with Bitcoin & Crypto, as miner and user, since 2012. Researching, training, and deploying ML models since 2013.


Jackson Finio

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Founder @Fund3 • Worked at @Codecademy, @Monegraph

Alexandre Breitbart

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VP Business Development @Fund3 • Worked at @Curious Minds , @Slickdeals

Arjun Prakash

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Using Data Science to develop insights into time series, images and natural language. A recent graduate of the University of Sydney
PhD Polymer Science, thesis in Theoretical Chemical Physics. Postdoc at Sandia National, Prof Chem. at LSU, Finance & Machine Learning. Software Dev.

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Chi Wei Liu

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