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New tech against data security threats and bugs

New tech against data security threats and bugs

The worst bug in human history, Heartbleed, could have been prevented by the software testing tool Functor Prevent™ from the Functor spinoff founded in 2011 from Cambridge, Oxford, etc.

Heartbleed affected all of Internet. Everyone had to change their passwords. Deployed products still have the bug in them. Businesses were open for untraceable attacks for over two years. The damages are unknown. Static analysis tools have recently become more mainstream. They are very costly but have widely recognised ROI. Coverity Inc. from Stanford was acquired by Synopsys 2014.

We offer next generation technology that is ten times better. Software drives innovation today but 50% of all software projects never delivers, lead times shrinking, data security problems daily news. Even Sweden, a leader, must become ten times better at developing software. Functor's vision and potential is to radically change the software industry, again with a Swedish company leading the way in this area.

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*Specialising: static analysis & security verification **PhD(UCL), MPhil, MSc, B.E(1st hons) **Amazon (AWS), Oracle, Optiver, Toshiba, CSIRO