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Making Influencer Marketing on Instagram Quick & Easy

Making Influencer Marketing on Instagram Quick & Easy

People check their phones 170 times a day. Often to watch videos from Influencers on networks like Instagram. These influencers have supplanted television shows as the preferred entertainment amongst Millennials and Centennials. But for brands, it is costly and time consuming to source videos and photo from influencers.

Fullbottle is a marketplace for brands to quickly and easily source videos and photos from influencers on Instagram and Vine.

The Fullbottle marketplace is a reverse auction bidding system that helps influencers sell their fan engagement to brands:
- Each influencers makes a video and submits their cost-per-like e.g. $0.10 bid
- Brands select competitive bids and videos they like.

The result, influencers make money for their creativity and brands only pay for the fan engagements they receive.

Our customers range are top brands such as Fox, Kraft, McDonald’s, Universal, iHeartMedia, Warner Bros., Macy’s, Hasbro, and many more.

Learn more at fullbottle.co.

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CEO @ISnap • Co-founder @Fullbottle, Leadership at @Miniclip America @Betawave, @GoFish

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Founder fullbottle • Worked at @Betawave, @Miniclip US • Studied at @University of Arizona

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