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After three rounds of user testing, we recently released our beta version on the app store. We are a team of two co-founders looking for a lead engineer who can build on our existing product in a quick and effective manner. We are looking for someone who enjoys a flexible schedule and is enthusiastic about Fulfyll’s vision of creating “Social Media With a Purpose.” Our first priority is to fix the current bugs in the Android version so we can continue to expand. Next, your role will focus primarily on engineering strategy and implementation for scaling out the iOS and Android platforms. As a small, scrappy team we are excited about creating something purposeful and learning as much as possible throughout the process.
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Software Engineer

Founder, Lead Engineer

Job responsibilities include:

-Adding and improving features on iOS and Android platforms through react native and/or our back-end server through Ruby on Rails
-Contributing to short and long term technical decisions
-Contributing to long term company strategy
-Contributing to creation of compan...