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The Fudos App is the #1 app to buy coupons from your favorite restaurants

The Fudos App is the #1 app to buy coupons from your favorite restaurants

We have created an app called Grate,the number 1 first food rating, snapping and reviewing app. While most other apps rate restaurants we rate food. We are food-centric and food first. Using this approach, we can harvest a great amount of insight that we can provide to restaurants to help streamline their offerings. The app will make sure that no person ever goes to a restaurant and orders the wrong dish, so typically someone can go to a restaurant, logon to Grate and see the best rated dishes in that restaurant The restaurant, food and beverages industry is a 3 trillion-rand industry in South Africa and we have built the platform to be fully scalable allowing the company to be local with global aspirations. Summary The App provides: a clear view on a dishes ‘value for money’ coefficient which is of great value to customers, events and festivals marketing and engagement platform and a fast-food delivery service

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