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CTO & Co-founder @Front
CEO & Co-founder @Front


Aya Lakers

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Marie Romero

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Paul Chalker

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Blake Kraft

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Stephanie Zhou

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B.A. UCLA, UCLA Anderson - Bus Certificate, 3 years technical bus dev/sales experience at Oracle, 4 years sales/marketing exp in startup/corporate settings

Gaspard Viot

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iOS and Android developer.

Dennis Stevense

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Lead software engineer of 6+ years at a web agency and SaaS startup, developer of acclaimed iPhone app, versatile, and forensic attention to detail.

Jason Dugdale

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Support Engineer Manager. Focus on improving customers' product experience. CS grad

Sean Xie

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Engineering @Front

Vishal Vibhaker

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Senior Marketing Manager @UpCounsel@University of California, Los Angeles Alum

Ashley Hahn

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People Operations Manager at @Front ^_^
Data @Front

Maggie Lamas

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Product Designer based in SF. I enjoy building clean, minimalist interfaces that bring delight, fun, and beauty to people’s lives.

Ailian Gan

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Product @Front
Currently leads Enterprise Solutions at Front, previously Principle Solutions Engineer at Box, and a patent holder for Box's Platform User technology.
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Board members and advisors

Partner at @Y Combinator. Founded @Wufoo (Acquired by @SurveyMonkey).

Former team

Madeline Renalds

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Luisa Marieth Morales

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Keely Morris

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Alice Default

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Angela Don

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Steph Reverdy

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