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Backend Engineer

€50k – €80k • 0.0% – 0.1%
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-Design, develop, test and implement new product features: frontapp.com/roadmap
-Tune and optimize performance of the app, e.g. identify and fix a slow-running MySQL query, reduce server response times
-Build tools to monitor and manage a 200-node-and-growing infrastructure
-Troubleshoot and resolve bugs and issues, e.g. a stuck job in a message queue


-5+ years of industry experience working on backend systems at a large-scale internet service
-2+ years of working on software systems build atop Amazon Web Services
-Fluency in a dynamic language like Javascript, Python, Ruby, or similar
-Track record of designing and implementing complex and scalable software services
-Experience architecting, deploying and operating asynchronous work queues, high-volume storage systems, and high-throughput systems
-Experience with performance benchmarking and diagnostic tools
-Understand the trade-offs in employing different engineering solutions to a problem, valuing pragmatism over idealism
-Ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced, collaborative, and high-growth environment


-Experience working with a multi-data center setup
-Extensive experience in node.js, MySQL and memcached on AWS
-Familiarity with email formats or intricate details of HTML parsing

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