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Previously, the “front of house” was a term that encompassed all aspects of a consumer’s experience within a property. Anything from a brief interaction with a busboy to the art in a restroom, the music, or a book of matches. In its traditional definition, that experience was limited within the venue's walls. Today, a venue’s "front of house" extends far into the digital world, as guests start their interaction with hospitality brands long before ever arriving on premise. Through a customer's growing digital awareness and countless online resources, a hospitality brand is no longer siloed into a singular experience or judged solely on food and service alone; rather, it is the cumulative effect of multiple creative touch points compiled to reflect a brand online. FOH was created to simplify the process of managing your brand presence in the new “front of house” so you can focus on the heart of this industry: hospitality.
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Digital Account Manager

Posted 4 months ago

Front of House is seeking an organized and passionate Account Manager with a minimum of two years of digital agency experience to help oversee and manage our portfolio of clients.

The individual will work in tandem with our Director and Lead team to oversee anchor clients and lead our Account Co...