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No.1 eCommerce Marketplace across the Globe

No.1 eCommerce Marketplace across the Globe

Friscone is an indian retailer e-commerce company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharastra India. The company was founded in 2018 to sell retail & wholesale products. Established by Quayyum Shaikh friscone sold retail & wholesale items. it mainly operated on the line B2B ( Business-to-Business) Model, FOFO ( Franchise Owned Franchise Operate Model) and COFO ( Company Owned Franchise Operate Model). The site allowed customers to sell retail products or item such as electronics, gadgets,clothing, accessories, footwear, gems & jewellery, cosmetics, watches grocery & Toys. In 2018 Friscone was selling, Fashion, Cosmetics and Health Supplement and Lifestyle products. Frisconegroup.com is a new kind of shopping comparison site that offers the most comprehensive shopping experience on the website. Our shopping experts have drawn on their industry experience and insider connections to bring you the best collection of the stores you can’t live without, and the brands and products you love all in one place.

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