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Social Recommendations for Business Discovery

Social Recommendations for Business Discovery

Frilp is about Discovering the right places (shops and service providers) through recommendations from people you know. Eg: Be it finding a pediatrician, or a keyboard tutor or a realtor - Frilp is a quick answer for your local needs from people you know and trust. 2 Key ingredients of Frilp: 1) Intelligence: (parse.frilp.com) Proprietary interest based people grouping algorithm recommends the friends/colleagues who are best suited to give you a recommendation for your specific needs like baby, car, home, finance needs etc 2) Community: (frilp.com) Identity and relevance of recommenders simplifies buying decision and takes care of preference match while choosing the right business instead of relying on reading through 80+ reviews with 3stars, 4stars etc from strangers. Frilp is currently on invite only mode to certain communities and supports 50 company and 10 college communities in Chennai in beta stage with 1011 local businesses recommended over 1 month period of beta launch.

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Aravind Gopalan

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Co - Founder, @Frilp (Friends Help) | Headed Industry Relations @www.kurukshetra.org.in | Worked @Globalscholar.com | Active ACM Member

Senthil K

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Co-Founder Frilp • Early member and Lead Product Manager for a 140 Mil web product at @Globalscholar.com; • Co-Founder of India's Premier Tech Fest

Raja Jayaraman

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Co-Founder @Frilp (Friends Help) | Worked at Wall Street Financial Org | Headed Mobile Team for Cognizant | 10 yrs of Enterprise Tech Expereince
Co-Founder of Frilp; Worked at Goldman Sachs NY; Had co-founded Dollar-a-Day(DaD) NGO; Raised & managed 2 Million INR for DaD projects.