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Always someone to talk to

Always someone to talk to

Friended is an app where there is always someone to talk to… because Friended is like talking to someone one-on-one in a coffee shop, users can express themselves honestly and relate more deeply with others… and unlike social media where people need to compete for attention, on Friended everyone gets attention.

The company has identified a large and underserved market that feels alone or disconnected from others. The groundswell against social media, extreme content, trolling, etc. is at a tipping point, and Friended is well-positioned for it.

Friended was recently covered by Forbes (“a release from the confines of the brutal, less than safe battleground of Twitter and Facebook”) after TechCrunch announced our launch Nov. 5, 2019 (“a chance to share how they really feel in a vulnerable, one-to-one setting”). The TED video from Eli Pariser of Upworthy about the future of social platforms is a good explanation of the opportunity.

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Ben Chow

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ex-IDEO, co-founder @Friended

Dan Kurani

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Co-founder and CEO of @Friended - previously founded @Thumb


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